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From only £xx per document, we will apostille your important papers such as birth and marriage certificates, company incorporation documents and academic certificates, providing them legal certification for use abroad. Document apostilling is a quick and easy service, usually taking just 24 hours to complete.



What is an Apostille Document?

Apostilling documents are required when foreign government authorities and organizations require UK documents to be apostilled to provide legal validation in their home countries.
You may also need the documents to be verified in the UK embassy of the country, which is a service we can provide for you.


What documents need to be apostilled?

You will only need to apostille a document if it is to have legal validation outside the UK. For example, if you own a company in Britain and looking to set up a branch in the United States, you will need your company incorporation papers to be apostilled for them to be recgonisable in US law in order to trade in the US.
Therefore, an apostille document is not needed for use in the UK. Other examples, such as applying for jobs in foreign territories, or signing wills or power of attorneys, would need the relevant documents such as academic certificates and marriage and birth certificates apostilled and certified by a solicitor.

Document Types

Legal and government documents- £xx per document- documents listed in red will need further certification from a solicitor.

  • Wills

  • Power of attorneys

  • Driving licenses

  • Marriage, birth and death certificates

  • Passports

    Company Documents £xx per document

  • Incorporation documents

  • Transfer of share documents

  • Change of director or secratary forms

  • Certificate of name changing

  • Certificate of good standing

    Company Documents will require further certification from solicitors (can you do this?) and therefore will take 24-48 hours for the documents to be apostilled and fully certified.

Educational Documents £xx per document

  • GCSE/ A-Level Certificates

  • Degree/Higher Education certificates (including Masters and PhD certificates)

  • Awards

  • PGCE certificates as with company legal papers, educational documents need further certification from solicitors to verify and can take an additional business day to be appossitled.

    To place your order…

  • Complete our online order form.

  • Once completed, upload attached documents or post your document(s) to us.

Your documents will then be returned to your fully apostilled. Through a delivery method of your choice.

Our Apostille services will swiftly leagalise UK documents for use abroad.

Usually, it will take only 24 hours for a document to be apostilled in the UK. With a team comprising of many professionals in the industry, you can be assured your documents are in safe and trusted hands. Our team has many years of experience apostilling documents and would be able to help on all kinds of documentation for use in all territories.
Furthermore, you can rest assured your documents will be securely looked after and we will ensure to take great care in ensuring your documents will be returned back to you on time in an appropriate condition.


Embassy Attestation Service

If a country is not part of the Hauge Convention, and thus does not recognize the use of Apostille documents, you will need to leagalise the documents at an Embassy or Consulate. However, not all Embassies are the same as some take longer to complete the work than others. However, we will contact you regarding the process of your legalisation and any other documents that need to be provided.

You can be assured that your documents will be protected and safe in our team of professionals and will be kept safe and secure while travelling between and within the embassies and Consulates.


Here is a List of some of the Documents we provide:

Educational Certificate Apostille Services

Degree Certificate Apostille

Master Degree Certificate Apostilles

MBBS Degree Certificate Apostille

BAMS Degree Certificate Apostille

B.Com Degree Certificate Apostille

Pharmacy Degree Certificate Apostille

B.Sc. Degree Certificate Apostille

BA Degree Certificate Apostille

Diploma Certificate Apostille

MBA Degree Certificate Apostille

BBA Degree Certificate Apostille

PHD Degree Certificate Apostille

Higher Secondary Level Certificate Apostilles

B-Tech Degree Certificate Apostilles

Management Degree Certificate Apostilles

Non-Educational Certificate Apostille Services

Marriage Certificate Apostilles

Birth Certificate Apostilles

Transfer Certificate Apostilles

Divorce Certificate Apostilles

Death Certificate Apostilles

Experience Certificate Apostilles

Medical Certificate Apostilles

Police Clearance Certificate Apostilles

Finger Print Apostille

Copy of Passport Apostille

Power of Attorney Apostille

Memorandum of Association Apostille

Article of Association Apostille

Board Resolution Apostille

Commercial Invoice Apostille

Export Assistance Document Apostille

GMP Certificate Apostille

Free Sales Document Apostille

Bank Statement Apostille

Commercial POA Apostille

Commercial Certificate Apostille Services

Letter of Incorporation Apostille

BDS Degree Certificate Apostille

Engineering Certificate Apostille

Not sure what you need to apostille?

Don’t worry, our apostille services can certify virtually all forms of document whether it is a persobal or legal document. For further advice on how to complete your apostille form, or if you are unsure about what may need to be apostilled, please contact us by phone or email. Our certification team has worked in the industry for many years and will be able to provide the right, relevant advice for your needs.

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