central london Notary service

central london Notary service we provide a first class notary service for personal and commercial use involved in activities overseas in international business.

The most common tasks include:

  • Authentication for powers of attorney for overseas use
  • Owning property abroad, Land sales abroad and administration of the estates.
  • Provisions for a foreign will and providing documents with the requirements of the national law of the country
  • Personal documents authentication for example immigration purposes, declarations for marriage overseas, employment overseas and international education qualifications.
  • Company and business transactions and document Authentication.  Authenticate Documentation and certificates for the status of companies, identity of directors and transactions.

What can Notaries do?

under the Legal Services Act 2007 our notary public service is insured so we maintain fidelity cover for the protection of our clients and the public. Our notaries are authorised to carry out reserved activities in private and confidential environment to provide authentication and securely record any transactions between two parties.

Terms used are as follows apostille, notarise and Legalisation are processes by which the signatures and seals of Notaries are authenticated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Embassies and Consulates of the country the document is used in.